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PCB Piezotronics
PCB Piezotronics (Buffalo, NY) is a vertically integrated manufacturer of sensors and instrumentation for measuring static and dynamic pressure, force, load, torque, shock, and vibration. The IMI Sensors Division specializes in the development, application, and support of industrial vibration sensors for machinery condition monitoring and predictive maintenance requirements.
Visit www.pcb.com and www.imi-sensors.com

The Modal Shop
The Modal Shop (Cincinnati, OH) specializes in application engineering services, products and rental of equipment for sound and vibration testing. New products which serve industrial process vibration monitoring include digital vibration transmitters and DSP based smart vibration monitors.
Visit www.modalshop.com

Larson Davis
Larson Davis (Provo, UT) manufactures sound level meters, precision microphones, environmental noise monitoring systems, and portable analyzers for acoustic and vibration analysis application solutions.
Visit www.larsondavis.com

Oceana Sensor Technologies
Oceana Sensor Technologies (Virginia Beach, VA) specializes in high volume, low cost sensors that are embedded into a wide variety of OEM products, including rotating machines, to predict impending bearing failure. Advances are continuing in smart sensors using single chip wireless data transmission to enable widespread use of the sensors in industrial monitoring applications.
Visit www.oceanasensor.com

STI Technologies Inc.
STI Technologies is a mechanical engineering consulting firm specializing in advanced analysis, experimentation, technology development, and software applications for life prediction, health monitoring, and performance enhancement of turbomachinery and rotating machine systems. As an ANSYS® finite element analysis software distributor, STI offers a wide range of design and analysis services for all mechanical components and systems.

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