STI Managing Researcher

Dr. Neville F. Rieger

President/Chief Scientist

STI Technologies Inc.

Dr. Rieger is the Chief Scientist and founder of STI Technologies located in Rochester, New York. Dr. Rieger 's extensive expertise in the dynamics of rotating machine component is based on 38 years of industrial experience in the structural and flow analysis of turbo machinery. Dr. Rieger's present duties include the overall direction of STI technical initiatives, development of major programs with EPRI and the US Air Force. He also serves as Senior Consultant on major industrial Research and Development projects.

In 1979 Dr. Rieger founded STI Technologies with the objective of providing both analysis and experimental capabilities to industry for independent, efficient solution of turbo machinery problems. Since then, STI Technologies has contributed in over 1400 projects and 300 blade failure investigations. Under his continued direction, STI has grown into a world-renowned company providing expertise in structural analysis, fluid dynamics, machine monitoring and diagnostics, rotor dynamics, vibration analysis, probabilistic tools, software development, and field testing capabilities.

Prior to founding STI Technologies, Dr. Rieger worked for Mechanical Technology Incorporated from 1962 until 1968. He then joined the Large Steam Turbine Division of the General Electric Company in Schenectady, New York, and in 1972 he then became the James E. Gleason Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology, which position he held until 1979.

Dr. Rieger's extensive education includes a D. Sc., degree (1997) from Nottingham University, England with his thesis on Dynamic Behavior of Turbine Blades and Rotor Systems. He earned his Ph.D., in Mechanical Engineering (1960), again from Nottingham University. Dr. Rieger earned his M. Eng. Sc., degree (1958) and his B. Mech. E., degree (1954) both in Mechanical Engineering from Melbourne University, Australia.

Dr. Rieger is an ASME Fellow (1994), Secretary (1988-2000) then Chairman of the IFToMM Rotor Dynamics Committee (2000), Past Chairman of the ASME-IEEE Joint Task Force on Electromechanical Interactions (1978-1982), Past Chairman of the US-ISO TC 108 Balancing Committee (1973-83) and Director (1977-1004) then Director-Emeritus of the Vibration Institute. In addition, he has been Keynote Speaker, Vibration Institute Annual Meetings (1978,1980,1987,1990) and at a variety of Engineering Society Meetings.

A published author with well over 100 society publications including 30 Transactions Papers (ASME, IMechE, SAE, ASChE, etc.), Dr. Rieger has authored several books including Balancing of Rigid and Flexible Rotors, (1987), U.S. Navy Shock and Vibration Center, Vibration of Rotating Machinery, Vibration Institute, Clarendon Hills, IL (1982) and Rotor Dynamics 2, J. Springer (1987).

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