IMPRO (IMpeller PROgram) was developed to assist engineers in the structural assessment of radial flow impeller/compressor wheels. The program is a complete stand-alone finite element-based program for the interactive model generation and analysis specific to impeller wheels.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid model development for quick turnaround analysis
  • Automated boundary condition application, relieving the user of this critical responsibility
  • Ability for a non-FEA expert to successfully employee this analytical technique
  • Faster time-to-market with more reliable products


Modeling Capabilities

  • Both open and closed (shrouded) impellers
  • Splitter blades
  • Hub geometries with arbitrary back-plane profiles
  • Variable blade fillet radii at both hub and shroud locations
  • User control of mesh densities
  • Both single sector and full wheel models

Analysis Capabilities

  • Steady stress
  • Natural frequency and Mode-shape calculation
  • Dynamic stress
  • Low- and High-cycle Fatigue calculations

Post Processing

  • Intuitive stress and displacement viewing
  • Point-and-click identification of result quantities
  • Animated mode shape plotting
  • Auto-generated interference diagrams
  • Campbell diagrams


  • Material properties database for common impeller materials with options for adding new materials
  • Model translators to and from ANSYS®
  • Automatic file handling by the program

Typical Uses of IMPRO

  • Analytical design tool for producing structurally sound wheels
  • Diagnostic tool for doing Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to explain why a blade, or wheel, has failed
  • Redesign tool to verify proposed changes to a design