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General Features Advanced Prestressed Concrete Module

The Advanced Prestressed Concrete module supplies many tools that enables to take easily into account the prestressing actions over the structures for making advanced analysis and design process.

  • 3D Tendon Geometry Editor

    • Allows graphically define the tendons layout in plan and elevation views.
    • Placement of 3D tendons based on reference points and curvatures and automatic 3D alignment generation of the defined tendons. Second order Bezier curves are used by the program to create the tendons layout.
    • Possibility of selecting and viewing a cross section with the corresponding location of the tendon inside it. Many graphical options are available.

    • Data table view with a graphical and listing representation of all prestressing losses throughout the bridge. It's possible to customize the graphic and listing by selecting or unselecting different options.
    • The tendons can be placed In both Beams and Solid element models.

  • Prestressing losses
    • Short-term prestressing losses are automatically considered for the effects of anchorage slip of tendons, friction between tendon and sheath and elastic concrete shortening
    • Long-term prestressing losses are automatically considered for the effects of Creep, Shrinkage and Steel Relaxation of tendons
    • Variation of prestressing in tendons considered for the effects of prestressing order
    • Prestressing actions are calculates for both isostatic and hyperstatic structures
    • All the geometrical data and calculated losses for each tendon can be graphically shown on a graph and on a table, which can be completely configured.

  • Transference of the prestressing actions
    The resultant prestressing actions, after all the losses are accounted for, are automatically transferred to the model by means of an equivalent system of forces at each node of the element crossed by the tendon
  • Checking & Design of Prestressed Structures
    • Checking & Design according to codes taking into account the prestressing cables for both Serviceability and Ultimate Limit State. Both Isostatic and Hyperstatic structures can be considered.

Download: Advanced Pre-stressed Concrete Module module brochure (PDF - 1.9 Mb)
Download: Prestresed Concrete Module Presentation (ZIP - 15.3 Mb)

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