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General Features of Geotechnical Module

The CivilFEM with ANSYS Geotechnical utilities were created with the main purpose of becoming a powerful tool to allow civil engineers to deal with the most typical and advanced soil mechanics 2D and 3D problems with any kind of Beam, Shell and Solid elements.

Its intuitive interface allows creating complex structural models and simulating the soil-structure interaction rapidly and in detail, taking into account the nonlinear materials, geometry and contact conditions as well as the design and checking of the structural elements of the projects.

With the capabilities that CivilFEM with ANSYS provides, a wide range of projects can be performed such as: tunnels, dams, piles and micro piles, foundation slabs, geotextiles-geogrids, reinforced soils, retaining structures, etc.

  • Soils and Rocks Library
    • Geotechnical properties and correlations.
    • User library.
  • Generation of Layered Soils
    • Automatic generation of layered soils model and properties.

Tunnel Sketch
  • Generation of reinforced earth
  • Superficial Foundation
    • Geotechnical properties and correlations
    • User-defined library.
  • Generation of Layered Soils
    • Automatic generation of layered soils model and properties
  • Superficial Foundations
    • Footing and continuous foundations
      • 2D/3D soil-structure interaction model
    • Slab Foundations
      • 3D soil-structure interaction models
      • 3D Soil Foundation Stiffness models with calculation of precise, average, maximum and minimum values
  • Deep Foundations
    • Pile Cap Wizard:
      • Automatic generation of regular polygonal or circular pile cap groups
      • Pre-Design of the Piles’ length
      • Automatic calculation of the reinforcement amount required according to the selected Code (Punching, Primary and Secondary reinforcement of both sides for rigid and non-rigid pile caps
  • Retaining Structures
    • Calculation of Sheet Piles 2D (automatic wizard) -3D
      • Non-linear construction sequence analysis
      • One or two sheet piles can be analysed simultaneously including anchors, water level, layered soils, applied loads.
      • With any CivilFEM with ANSYS cross section
    • Earth Pressure Utility
      • Apply pressures and forces corresponding to: Active pressure and soil weight on the selected elements.
    • Seepage analysis
  • Underground structures (tunnels)
    • Terrain Initial Stress
      • Automatic calculation of the initial stress without strain from a given topography
    • Hoek & Brown Failure Criteria (rocks)
    • Plastic Constitutive models: 2D/3D Drucker-Prager and 2D Mohr-Coulomb (plain strain)
    • Birth and Death of elements features (construction sequence analysis)
  • Improvement of soils
    • Birth and Death of elements features for jet grouting, gravel column.
  • Slope Stability Analysis
    • Classic Failure Methods
      • Fellenius.
      • Bishop.
      • Janbu and Janbu with correction factor
      • Morgenstern price
      • US Corps of Engineers
    • FEM results.
    • Actions on the model: Seismic effect, loads and hydrostatic load over the slope surface
  • Seepage Analysis
    • Obtain the water table and water pressure.
    • Obtain the saturation line for 2D problems
    • Export the obtained pore water pressure to slope stability problems. The finite element mesh used in both analysis can be different.
    • Calculate filtered flows through boundaries Calculate filtered flows
  • Plastic Constitutive models: 2D/3D Drucker-Prager and 2D Mohr Coulomb (plain strain)
  • Automatic Load Stepping to select suitable load increments
  • Large strains calculations to perform significant changes in the geometry
  • Safety factors defined as the ratio of the failure load to working load.
  • Powerful Post-processor: Deformation, Stresses, forces, reinforcement amounts, etc
  • Report Generator: HTML and Excel connection.
  • 2D/3D Dynamic compaction, using the cycling loads
  • APDL – ANSYS Parametric Design Software and Design Optimization

Download: Geotechnical Module module brochure (PDF - 2.1 Mb)
Download: Geotechnical Module Presentation (ZIP - 25.6 Mb)
Download: FLAC Integration Module Presentation (ZIP - 17.6 Mb)

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