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Bridges and Civil Non Linearities Module

The bridges and civil nonlinearities module provides a complete solution, enabling the bridge designers to solve complex problems with tools that represent the latest advances in technology. It enable to intuitively generate, mesh, load and analyze complex bridges by using powerful wizards. Furthermore, its complete integration with CivilFEM with ANSYS ensures that any kind of static, dynamic, linear and nonlinear analysis can be easily performed.

  • Library of common bridge cross sections
    • Definition of common bridge sections by specifying basic dimensions
    • Automatic “mesh” generation for the defined sections to calculate the section properties
  • Bridge Layout Design (Plan and elevation View)
    • Allows generating the bridge layout from common engineerin
    • It works like a complete “layout program”
    • Automatically creates the 3D alignment from the definition of plan and elevation views.
  • Automatic Generation of the Finite Element Model
    • Beam element model: Allows for a trial and error process using beam elements.
    • Automatic discretization of the beam elements cross sections (allows for analysing section internal behaviour using beam elements)
    • Solid element model: More accurate design can be performed using SOLID elements by only changing the element type and running again.
  • Suspension/Cable Stayed Bridge Model Wizards
    • Using the Suspension/Cable-Stayed Bridge Model Wizards, enter the number of segments and the corresponding data to generate the entire bridge model for both 3D beams and solid elements.
  • Elements 188 and 189: allows the visualization of the structure.
  • New Bridge Model Wizards
    • Suspension bridge Concrete
      • Steel
      • Composite
      • Section


  • Arch bridge
    • Top bridge floor
    • Intermedium bridge floor
    • Low bridge floor

  • Cable Stayed bridge
    • Cable disposition possibilities

    • Various kinds of connection between bridge floor and mast

  • Moving Loads Generator (Vehicle’s library)
    • Automatically generates the required loadsteps for one or more vehicles as it moves throughout the bridge deck.
    • Database of standard design code vehicle loads (Caltrans, AASHTO, High-speed trains, etc) and possibility of defining any generic vehicle with its corresponding load pattern.
    • Definition of vehicle type: rigid or flexible (adaptable to trajectory).
  • Surface Loads Generator
    • Wizard for automatic surface load generation
  • Prestressed Concrete Utilities (please refer to the Prestressed Concrete Module to more advanced features)
    • Introduction of pretensioned cables along the structure
    • The program calculates an equivalent system of forces at each node of the element crossed by the tendon
  • Construction Sequence Analysis
    • Simulation of construction process taking advantage of CivilFEM time-dependent material properties and the possibility of activating and deactivating elements and materials.
  • Civil Non-Linearities
    • Changes in the cross section geometry and time-dependent properties due to construction processes
    • Large Deflection Buckling of Concrete Beam Elements, Non-linear redistribution analysis and Cracking and Yielding Phenomena
    • Creep and Shrinkage
  • Moment-Curvature Diagrams
    • CivilFEM allows the calculation of the real moment-curvature diagram for a given section

Download: Bridges and Civil Non Linearities module brochure (PDF - 2.0 Mb)
Download: CivilFEM Bridges & Civil Non-Linearities Technical Overview (ZIP - 14.6 Mb)

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